Portraits of people

mininha ponta preta

A snap view of people I have always been looking for emotions within portraits I made of people, which is a pretty hard job to fulfill I admit. This post made of pics of human being worldwide is dedicated to increase gradually. I will definitely let you know, keep connected – do I really have […]



Uzès Portfolio Uzès is a small and lovely village situated near Pont du Gard in south of France, not so far from the Mediterranean coast. If you have the chance to move up to Languedoc or Provence, have a look at this admirable and amazing place.                     […]

Parais, a web serie by Fabrice Delobette

Parais affiche

Six years after the shooting of my first web doc in 2006/2007, I was back to my “second home” for another staying. I had taken my camera with me, and after realizing that Santa Maria had changed since, I truly decided to make another documentary film but in another way, more adapted to web with shorter videos, […]

Marta Federici’s Portfolio

Mitu Monteiro by Marta Federici

Marta Federici photographer Marta is a fabulous and hilarious lady I met in Cape Verde. We instantly shared our common passion, photography. I enjoy the beautiful shots Marta made of us when we were riding Ponta Preta and Leme Bedje waves in Cabo Verde. Marta Federici makes fantastic pics of people and landscapes. Mitu Monteiro Place : Ponta […]

Manera Exo Harness Mitu Monteiro Strapless

mitu monteiro manera exo

Mitu Monteiro Strapless hooked by his Exo Harness made by Manera This is actually a deceptive advertising for both brands Manera & F-One International, featuring Mitu Monteiro exercising his art of strapless on Ponta Preta wave… winter 2013. Mitu Monteiro is riding strapless Ponta Preta in Cabo Verde with his red harness named Exo : Exo […]

Dakhla Nomade Camp

nono base mobile route sable

Dakhla Nomade Camp kitesurf windsurf surf stand up paddle It is the story of Arnaud, a French passionate rider and traveler who decided to settle down in Dakhla, Morocco, with a very special offer : I had the opportunity to test all the spots and beautiful places from Dakhla to the Mauritanian border, and made photos […]

Strapless Kitesurf Matchu Lopes Almeida “Nha Vida”

matchu strapless kite

Matchu Strapless Kitesurfing Cabo Verde Parais is a web serie I shot in Cabo Verde in 2013 with Matchu impressive strapless kitesurfing, action and other talented surfers, such as Djo Silva, Titik Lopes, Airton Cozzolino Lopes, Papy Duarte and Mitu Monteiro. Please, watch “Matchu, Nha Vida” in HD :   What This video was made from […]

Papy Duarte Art of Strapless Kitesurfing


A piece of Art with Papy Duarte Masterchief of strapless kitesurfing Filmed in Sal, Cabo Verde 2013 All clothes are Kitaddict, a French trademark for kiteboarding clothes. Fabrice Delobette, film director

Strapless Ponta Preta Surf Kite Sal Cabo Verde Fabrice Delobette

fab ponta preta2

A Ponta Preta strapless dream came true One day it finally happened… A childhood dream is done : surfing one of the most beautiful and huge wave (a right) of the world. Since I firstly came over to Cape Verde in early 2006 when I discovered the most awesome outdoor show just in front of my eyes, I spent […]

Mitu Monteiro Strapless Kitesurf Cabo Verde

Mitu Monteiro Sal Cabo Verde Parais

Mitu Monteiro Strapless session at home After seven years I shot “Sal, Nos Terra” with Djo Silva, Titik Lopes and Mitu Monteiro, it was a pleasure to shoot again Mitu Monteiro from F-One International kiteboarding team. Mitu is definitely one of the most talented watermen on planet Earth, especially when he puts his feet “around” a surfboard, doing […]

Titik Kite School Cabo Verde


Titik Kite School Cabo Verde featuring Fabienzinho This is the story of a young guy named Titik Lopes, born in Santa Maria, Cape Verde, who decided to create his own school, his own business, and try to make his clients happy and succeed in kiteboarding. Here is the result with one of his client #happy to figure […]

Palavas Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Nico sup

Palawaï Stand Up Paddle Surfing Sunday evening session stand up paddling. Isn’t it a nice way of ending a weekend with friends? The gopro was set on a helmet, do not imagine the looking we had. Still, the images are really fun, and we had a nice swell and very good times altogether. And a […]



Hoalen Ocean Store Somewhereontheearth supports the work made by Hoalen in Breizh.   Hoalen’s motto “We surf, we row, we sail, we fish and we create what we wear.”     “Hoalen” means “salt” in Breton (French dialect in Brittany). The trademark was founded in 2006 by Eric and Virginie Cantineau in Lilia-Plouguerneau in Finistère, France . […]

Portsall in Breizh

portsall arbre port

Portsall, a lovely harbor in Breizh                                                                                                  

Mitu Monteiro Kite Loop Freestyle Session

mitu fs3

Mitu Monteiro training kite loop with friends Airton Cozzolino Lopes & Titik Lopes Featuring the “diva aux pieds nus” Cesaria Evora singing “Petit pays” and shot with a basic camera   At that time, when Mitu Monteiro was one of the best riders in both freestyle and strapless, Pascal Laborde, a very famous French photographer, […]



City of London London city. The most cosmopolitan city of Europe, settled down in the south east of the island of UK. The new mayor of Great London, Boris Johnson, has just been elected. I discover Barbican Center, one of the most original and magnificent places of London city. It is a good opportunity to […]

L’appel au voyage (short film)


L’appel au voyage, a short film by Tristan Larsen Produced by Tristan Larsen & Fabrice Delobette Artistic team Natacha : Emmanuelle de Malleray Darwin : Manuel Olinger Waiter : Philippe Lobgeois Technical team Film writer : Tristan Larsen Film director : Tristan Larsen First assistant director : Fabrice Delobette Technical consultant : Alain Choquart Camera : Marion Gaillard Additional […]

Titik Lopes featuring Windsurfing Vs. Kitesurfing


Titik Lopes Windsurfing Vs. Kitesurfing lesson This video had a big viral impact on Youtube in so far as the title of the vid is like a legal case. I had a lot of compliment concerning the images and I could read in the numerous comments all the arguments for and against each sport. This was my […]

Boujmaa Guilloul Mitu Monteiro Djo Silva Titik Lopes


A very special interview with Boujmaa Guilloul It was a very pleasant moment (and hilarious as well because we actually started the ITW in arabic and Boujmaa had a kind of difficulties in speaking in his mother tongue because not used any more as he travels a lot) spent with the talented windsurfing rider Boujmaa Guilloul […]

Björn Dunkerbeck Raphael Salles Titik Lopes Ponta Leme Bedje


Sunset meeting with Björn Dunkerbeck, Raphaël Salles & Titik Lopes riding Ponta Leme Bedje in Sal Island, Cape Verde I had the chance to meet talented riders Björn Dunkerbeck windsurfing, Raphaël Salles & Titik Lopes kitesurfing, this was my first day in Cape Verde. A present of life. Al of them were riding Ponta Leme Bedje in Sal Island, […]

Santa Maria do Sal

rua principal sta maria 06

Santa Maria do Sal Cabo Verde Early 2006… which means cold winter in France, the best time to travel far away in a warm and windy place. A friend (who owns an interesting blog SEO & Marketing & Online Travel) had told me about Sal Island and its virtues for relaxing, hanging around, sailing and meeting a […]

Cabo Verde Shore Break Santa Maria do Sal windsurf & kitesurf


Shore break of Santa Maria The first morning I met the ocean in Sal, Cape Verde was huge. Fortunately, I had my video camera with and decided to back to the pension and pick up my tripod. I could not watch this amazing show of elements without filming the scene. This is the result : […]