Parais, a web serie by Fabrice Delobette

matchu strapless kite

Six years after the shooting of my first web doc in 2006/2007, I was back to my “second home” for another staying.

I had taken my camera with me, and after realizing that Santa Maria had changed since, I truly decided to make another documentary film but in another way, more adapted to web with shorter videos, like a web serie.

Back to France after a couple of weeks spent in Santa Maria do Sal, I actually had a lot of hours of rushes. Many interviews to be translated into English, in addition to my daily work in a web agency and as a freelance in web marketing : when can I find enough time to figure out this project?

I finally decided to start editing a web serie with a portrait of Cape Verdean people.

The first episode is focused to Matchu.

I promise to finish the project.