Parais, a web serie by Fabrice Delobette

matchu strapless kite

Six years after the shooting of my first web doc in 2006/2007, I was back to my “second home” for another staying.

I had taken my camera with me, and after realizing that Santa Maria had changed since, I truly decided to make another documentary film but in another way, more adapted to web with shorter videos, like a web serie.

Back to France after a couple of weeks spent in Santa Maria do Sal, I actually had a lot of hours of rushes. Many interviews to be translated into English, in addition to my daily work in a web agency and as a freelance in web marketing : when can I find enough time to figure out this project?

I finally decided to start editing a web serie with a portrait of Cape Verdean people.

The first episode is focused to Matchu.

I promise to finish the project.

Manera Exo Harness with Mitu Monteiro Strapless

exo harness manera mitu monteiro

Mitu Monteiro Strapless hooked by his Exo Harness made by Manera

This is actually a deceptive advertising for both brands Manera & F-One International, featuring Mitu Monteiro exercising his art of strapless on Ponta Preta wave… winter 2013.

Mitu Monteiro is riding strapless Ponta Preta in Cabo Verde with his red harness named Exo :

Exo Harness by Manera & F-One International featuring Mitu Monteiro




EXO-Harness-PINK-back-50_1385630675 EXO-Harness-GREEN-back-50_1385630834 EXO-Harness-BLUE-back-50_1385630558

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Dakhla Nomade Camp

Dakhla Nomade Camp kitesurf windsurf surf stand up paddle

nono portrait kite

It is the story of Arnaud, a French passionate rider and traveler who decided to settle down in Dakhla, Morocco, with a very special offer :

I had the opportunity to test all the spots and beautiful places from Dakhla to the Mauritanian border, and made photos and this video for Arnaud’s business and web site.

base mobile mer

This journey was absolutely fantastic and definitely unforgettable : we met a few people in this place situated between ocean and desert and we saw uncountable landscapes. We were offered lobsters by Moroccan fishermen, we had local mint tea time and conversations with soldiers based along the coast.


It is luxury to be able to discover countries in such a way with such a good vibes thanks to Arnaud.

fun ws2

nono aile cours

nono assis kite

pano dune blanche

ciel banc

nono banc


pano bancs

pano rocher mer

presentation ws2

baie soir

pano baie

paysage rouge

pano oiseaux mer rouge

oiseau vole

mer rocher

spot mer sable

pano falaise mer

paneau rocher mer


falaise sable mer soleil

falaise mer

falaise mer eau

falaise mer oiseaux

pano dunes

pano dune

baie bateau peche

pano baie vague

barque peche mer soleil

barque mer soleil

village mer couchant

dune village


pano base mobile dune

desert route

desert mer

pano desert mer

pano mer desert

route sable

pano desert mer soleil

sable route soleil

nono base mobile route sable

route sable beau

mer sable soleil

base mobile mer sable

dune mer

soleil couchant noire

couchant falaise sable mer

falaise solo couchant

couchant spot vague

pano couchant vague

falaise large solo couchant

couchant falaise mer

vue mer matin plongeant

baie falaise pecheurs

baie langouste

pano base mobile


mer vague rocher

falaise rocher isole mer

cratere eau

sable bas mer

cote falaise


pano baie barque

plage baie

plage rocher isole

triple baie


spot vague windsurf

If you wish a different way of traveling Morocco and Dakhla, check and book on Dakhla Nomade Camp.


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Strapless Kitesurf Matchu Lopes Almeida “Nha Vida”

matchu strapless kite

Matchu Strapless Kitesurfing Cabo Verde

Parais is a web serie I shot in Cabo Verde in 2013 with Matchu impressive strapless kitesurfing, action and other talented surfers, such as Djo Silva, Titik Lopes, Airton Cozzolino Lopes, Papy Duarte and Mitu Monteiro.

Please, watch “Matchu, Nha Vida” in HD :

 youtube quality


This video was made from the inside of Cabo Verde’s life. A young and talented boy is presented, you’re shown his passion to board sports, especially strapless kitesurfing.

matchu strapless kite


We are in the Island of Sal, Cabo Verde. This archipelago offers a lot for surfers. The swell is perfect, with windy and dry weather. It’s a small piece of desertic land. Beautiful. My second home, always a pleasure to come over and go surfing those giants or filming the local mates, and meeting the population.

matchu strapless kite

Meeting Matchu

Marciel Lopes Almeida known as Matchu, is one of the first Cape Verdean I met When I was living in Santa Maria do Sal. Matchu is a young boy very happy of his waterman life. He was 13 years old when I first met him, he had his windsurfing gear in a center at Ponta Leme Bejde. Six years later, I emerged my camera and shot Matchu and friends kitesurfing strapless, showing his huge talent and kindness.

matchu strapless kite cabo verde flag

Many thanks Mat, I wish you the best in your life. Always a pleasure filming you.

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Strapless Ponta Preta Surf Kite Sal Cabo Verde Fabrice Delobette

And Ponta Preta strapless dream came true

One day it finally happened… A childhood dream is done : surfing one of the most beautiful and huge wave (a right) of the world.

Since I firstly came over to Cape Verde in early 2006 when I discovered the most awesome outdoor show just in front of my eyes, I spent many hours watching and shooting all the riders who could reach to surf fantastic Ponta Preta wave.

And I said to myself : “I would love to be able to surf such a big giant wave one day”.

Six years later, my friend Titik coached me on huge Ponta Preta wave, my first surfs were done, my dream came true, and here are the film shot by my friends :

Thanks Titik Lopes for your advice and incentive & Raphaël Salles & F-one for your support and confidence.

Mitu Monteiro Strapless Kitesurf Cabo Verde

Mitu Monteiro Sal Cabo Verde Parais

Mitu Monteiro Strapless session at home

After seven years I shot “Sal, Nos Terra” with Djo Silva, Titik Lopes and Mitu Monteiro, it was a pleasure to shoot again Mitu Monteiro from F-One International kiteboarding team.

Mitu is definitely one of the most talented watermen on planet Earth, especially when he puts his feet “around” a surfboard, doing his passion : kitesurfing strapless.

Have a look at the video shot in Sal, Cabo Verde in 2013.

Music is talented “C2C – Down The Road”. Please, watch Mitu’s video in HD :

Thanks again my dear Mitu for letting me put on a Gopro within your kite lines, which is not very comfortable for riding, but the result with the images is awesome.

This video is part of “Parais”, a web series I shot in Cabo Verde in 2013 with Mitu and other talented surfers, such as Djo Silva, Titik Lopes, Airton Cozzolino Lopes, Papy Duarte and Matchu Almeida.

You liked it? Watch the deceptive ad for EXO harness I made with Mitu Monteiro on Ponta Preta wave, the same year.

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Titik Kite School Cabo Verde

Titik Kite School Cabo Verde featuring Fabienzinho

This is the story of a young guy named Titik Lopes, born in Santa Maria, Cape Verde, who decided to create his own school, his own business, and try to make his clients happy and succeed in kiteboarding.

Here is the result with one of his client #happy to figure out to do a back loop :

For more information go and visit

Titik Kite School on Tripadvisor

Titik Kite School on Facebook

Palavas Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Palawaï Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Sunday evening session stand up paddling.

Isn’t it a nice way of ending a weekend with friends?

The gopro was set on a helmet, do not imagine the looking we had.

Still, the images are really fun, and we had a nice swell and very good times altogether.

And a few shots of stand up paddle in Palawaï alias Palavas-Les-Flots, France. Who said there is no cute wave in the Mediterranean sea?

fab mousse

nico fab femme

fab bottom

Mitu Monteiro Kite Loop Freestyle Session

Mitu Monteiro training kite loop with friends Airton Cozzolino Lopes & Titik Lopes

Featuring the “diva aux pieds nus” Cesaria Evora singing “Petit pays” and shot with a basic camera


At that time, when Mitu Monteiro was one of the best riders in both freestyle and strapless, Pascal Laborde, a very famous French photographer, made the pics :


mitu fs4

mitu fs

mitu fs1

Titik Lopes featuring Windsurfing Vs. Kitesurfing

Titik Lopes Windsurfing Vs. Kitesurfing lesson

This video had a big viral impact on Youtube in so far as the title of the vid is like a legal case. I had a lot of compliment concerning the images and I could read in the numerous comments all the arguments for and against each sport.

This was my first viral video with social media, in early 2008.

Note : Very funny to remember that time when we used a lot the split screen. I have always thought that using it had to be justified to use the split screen.

Within this video of Titik Lopes which teaches us what windsurfing and kitesurfing styles are, I do think the split screen shows how talented is Titik in both sports, wearing the famous orange Shark Zone (c) board short.

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Kauli Seadi Vs. Josh Angulo Ponta Preta Cabo Verde Final PWA Windsurfing

Final of PWA Windsurfing on Ponta Preta wave in Cape Verde

February 2007

For the first time the PWA stops in Sal. A gift given to me since I am living in Cape Verde. This is defenitly the best outdoor show I have ever seen, being behind my lens, so close to these extreme riders. The final was inbelievable.

By the way… Windsurfing in Cabo Verde : isn’t it a dream of riders? To answer such a question, I am fraid you must go and stand right in front of the wave of Ponta Preta. Then you’ll literaly understand.

surf duo ponta preta


Ponta Preta, which means “Black Point”, is one of the most beautiful waves in the world. The best swell is coming from the north west and breaks on a little area made of rocks and besieged by beautiful beaches.

PWA Sal 2007 draft1 logo hd

The video

I am very proud to present you this high class windsurfing action surrounded by Mozart. It is for sure one of my favourite videos.

This short video is the final between Cape Verdean – American Josh Angulo, one of the best windsurfing riders on Planet Earth, especially on “his” wave he has known for more than a decennary, and Brazilian world champion Kauli Seadi.

You will defenitly observe the difference between their riding style.

During the shooting

It was a great experience to shoot the first Final of PWA 2007 Windsurfing Cabo Verde World Cup event between riders Kauli Seadi from Brazil & Josh Angulo from Cape Verde (born in Hawaï, U.S. citizen). Actually, I had the opportunity to be part of this unique international event since I was living in Santa Maria, Island of Sal during the winter season of 2007.

I spent a lot of time on the rocks of Ponta Preta, in the south of the Island of Sal, Cabo Verde. It is always magic to come and sit in front of this wave which offers a majestic show. I think the best moment of the day is the sunset because the sun slowly disapears on the horizon behind this huge wave, and offers many pure and amazing colors.

I have been filming for many hours, especially windsurfing, also surfing and bodyboarding, and kitesurfing when Mitu Monteiro was starting strapless in 2007. It was a brilliant experience to improve how to shoot those guys, feeling how their positioning is going on during long seconds or minutes. Indeed, each rider has its own style and own reading of the wave. I learnt a lot about how to surf such a big, long, swift and massive wave.

I defenitly respect more and more elements after such a priceless experience, nevertheless I was only watching Ponta Preta wave or shooting it with my camera. Never riding this giant wave! In life sometimes you need to be patient.


Finaly, I decided during the editing of this short to cover the frames with classical music and especially Mozart (Symphony No. 40 in G) whom I highly appreciate.

I do not regret the choice of the sound selected for this video of Windsurfing Cabo Verde and I will forever keep beautiful images in my mind of this spot situated somewhere on the Earth.

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Kitesurfing Soma Bay Egypt

Kitesurfing Soma Bay Egypt with Daniel & Ninja Bichler

This video is my first video of kitesurfing, shot in Egypt, Soma Bay, where I had the chance to meet both sister and brother Bichler : Ninja Bichler is a very nice person and excellent strapless kitesurfer (and very good windsurfer too), and Daniel Bichler is a unique person who taught me properly how to kite.

It was in Club Mistral Safaga where I had my first planning kitesurfing, an amazing sensation (I used to have a sail in front of me). Many thanks again mates.

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Fabrice Delobette, film director

Björn Dunkerbeck Raphael Salles Titik Lopes Ponta Leme Bedje

Sunset meeting with Björn Dunkerbeck, Raphaël Salles & Titik Lopes riding Ponta Leme Bedje in Sal Island, Cape Verde

I had the chance to meet talented riders Björn Dunkerbeck windsurfing, Raphaël Salles & Titik Lopes kitesurfing, this was my first day in Cape Verde. A present of life.

Al of them were riding Ponta Leme Bedje in Sal Island, Cape Verde for the sunset session, in perfect and beautiful waves.


I will always remember the colors of the sky during this sunset.

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Santa Maria do Sal

Santa Maria do Sal Cabo Verde

Early 2006… which means cold winter in France, the best time to travel far away in a warm and windy place.

A friend (who owns an interesting blog SEO & Marketing & Online Travel) had told me about Sal Island and its virtues for relaxing, hanging around, sailing and meeting a very nice population. I decided to take a return airplane ticket from Paris with a friend. I never regretted it and I will always remember such a fantastic time spent in a very small village called Santa Maria situated in Island of Sal in Cape Verde.

We landed in a lovely boarding house called “Nha Terra” (which actually means “my land” in Portuguese and spent a lot of time on the beach at Club Mistral in the bay of Santa Maria, and obviously on the majestic ocean.

The first music in this video is a local Cape Verdean artist I heard during the breakfast in the pension Nha Terra. I asked the staff who was singing, they whispered the name of Jorge Neto, excellent for taking along my film. Watch it out !

Windsurfing Ponta Preta Cabo Verde Dreamin’

Windsurfing Josh Angulo, Brasilian and Cabo Verde teams

This video was shot in Ponta Preta. I love the first plan introducing US rider Josh Angulo, followed by local cape verdeans Titik Lopes, Djo Silva & Mitu Monteiro. And because language has the power to unify people, their new friends were riding with them (and more in this video of a windsurfing trip in Sal, cape Verde) Ricardo Campello, Marcilio Browne & Kauli Seadi.

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