Sal, Nos Terra


“Sal, Nos Terra”, a film by Fabrice Delobette

Location : Santa Maria, Island of Sal, Cape Verde

Shooting dates : 2006 & 2007

Here is the teaser :

Somewhere On The Earth presents “Sal, Our Island” or “Sal, Our Land”, a film produced, written and directed by Fabrice Delobette in 2006&7. This “teaser” is made up to give you the desire of contributing and therefore giving birth to a documentary film own-produced and shot in respect with people. You will discover an island from Cape Verde, the life of unknown populations, magic and unique places, extreme water sports, and will simply be able to dream. The association of pictures and selected music, the words of the inhabitants will make you know what is going on… somewhere on the Earth.

Here is the film :

cut in several sequences (due to audio copyright claim within Youtube) :

« Sal, Nos Terra »

« Sal, Our Island »

A film written and directed by Fabrice Delobette


The Island of Sal, the oldest of the archipelago of Cape Verde, is a piece of an arid land particularly affectionate by its inhabitants, in particular by three young guys : Djo, Mitu and Titik. In their native village named Santa Maria, they will make us discover their daily life, the practice of extreme sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing and surfing, the inhabitants, the trading, and landscapes of thousand lights.

Water of the Atlantic Ocean, wind and waves are omnipresent, thus the trio discovered very early its passion for water sports, also chose to teach kite surf for living on a desert and poor island which nevertheless tries to develop thanks to tourism.

In the early 2007 year, Djo, Mitu et Titik have been selected to participate in the first event of the windsurf world cup set to run in February in “their land”. We will follow them during their training : they will make us discover the most beautiful spots and the most magic places of Sal, in particular the famous wave named Ponta Preta wherein is held the international windsurf competition in the discipline of the waves for the first time in the history of Cape Verde.

In this film, music is omnipresent and let us being involved in an out of time place and therefore enjoy slices life accompanied with a large part of dream and realities.

Finally, each of the characters (seven nationalities are represented) express themselves in their mother tongue, using sub-titles keep the authenticity.