Manera Exo Harness Mitu Monteiro Strapless

exo harness manera mitu monteiro

Mitu Monteiro Strapless hooked by his Exo Harness made by Manera

This is actually a deceptive advertising for both brands Manera & F-One International, featuring Mitu Monteiro exercising his art of strapless on Ponta Preta wave… winter 2013.

Mitu Monteiro is riding strapless Ponta Preta in Cabo Verde with his red harness named Exo :

Exo Harness by Manera & F-One International featuring Mitu Monteiro




EXO-Harness-PINK-back-50_1385630675 EXO-Harness-GREEN-back-50_1385630834 EXO-Harness-BLUE-back-50_1385630558


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