Dakhla Nomade Camp

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It is the story of Arnaud, a French passionate rider and traveler who decided to settle down in Dakhla, Morocco, with a very special offer :

I had the opportunity to test all the spots and beautiful places from Dakhla to the Mauritanian border, and made photos and this video for Arnaud’s business and web site.

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This journey was absolutely fantastic and definitely unforgettable : we met a few people in this place situated between ocean and desert and we saw uncountable landscapes. We were offered lobsters by Moroccan fishermen, we had local mint tea time and conversations with soldiers based along the coast.


It is luxury to be able to discover countries in such a way with such a good vibes thanks to Arnaud.

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baie soir

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paysage rouge

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oiseau vole

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spot mer sable

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falaise sable mer soleil

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falaise mer oiseaux

pano dunes

pano dune

baie bateau peche

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barque peche mer soleil

barque mer soleil

village mer couchant

dune village


pano base mobile dune

desert route

desert mer

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route sable beau

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vue mer matin plongeant

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mer vague rocher

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cratere eau

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cote falaise


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If you wish a different way of traveling Morocco and Dakhla, check and book on Dakhla Nomade Camp.


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