Angèle, a singer to discover, listen to and listen to again

Angèle, a singer with a sweet and malicious voice

I can not tell you a lot about this young Belgian girl who bathed her childhood in the artistic spiral (lucky her by the way), promised you will know much more the day when I will have the chance to interview her (as well as the members of her artistic family, it would be fun).

For sure Angèle has her own universe even though it is currently growing up, you can have a snap look at her fan page which reveals hilarious and crazy videos and moreover her unique voice and style, a real talent. We only wait for one thing at the moment, that she goes on stage and writes a first album following her EP. Here is a melting pot of what I could find on the web over a fabulous artist named Angèle: photos are beautiful, music is easy, and voice has definitely a unique grain. Discover Angèle.

Who is Angèle?

angele singer

Angèle (Van Laeken by her last name) is a Belgian singer. Musician with a classical background, Angèle could have played guitar, but no, she did not fit with it, she chose piano to come with her unique voice.

Her parents are great artists, his brother is Romeo Elvis, a delicate rap artist (I could have described Mc Solaar in this way), and when brother and sister sing together, the duo is perfectly successful:

Angele’s most beautiful songs on video

angele singer

Angela sings Brussels, her hometown:

Here is her first video clip: very funny and directed by a talented Belgian photographer Charlotte Abramow

Videos of Angèle’s morning visit at Radio Nova in Paris

angele singer

You just (re) discover the first clip of Angèle, “The Law of Murphy” ( literally “La Loi de Murphy” in French), here is a “early morning” recovery  on radio Nova in Paris:

Angèle appropriates the works of artists like here Mc Solaar and offers a very pleasant and personal recovery, here is the tone of Angèle:

Appearances of Angèle in the press

angele singer

You will probably have noticed a certain likeness in sensitivity, humor and physical with Virginie Efira, take a closer look at these ITWs and you will know a little more about Angèle:

Latest songs of Angèle

We do love when Angèle sings with her brother Roméo Elvis, here is their video clip “Tout Oublier” quiet funny to watch:

Angèle also released in 2018 “Je veux tes yeux”:

Angèle “La Thune”

Angèle “Jalousie”

And finally, don’t worry this article will be updated, watch this lovely blink of an eye to Claude alias MC Solaar, both brother and sister Angèle and Elvis making a duo singing “Victime de la mode”

Thank you Angèle and Elvis, I definitely love your work!

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