Kauli Seadi Vs. Josh Angulo Ponta Preta Cabo Verde Final PWA Windsurfing

Final of PWA Windsurfing on Ponta Preta wave in Cape Verde

February 2007

For the first time the PWA stops in Sal. A gift given to me since I am living in Cape Verde. This is defenitly the best outdoor show I have ever seen, being behind my lens, so close to these extreme riders. The final was inbelievable.

By the way… Windsurfing in Cabo Verde : isn’t it a dream of riders? To answer such a question, I am fraid you must go and stand right in front of the wave of Ponta Preta. Then you’ll literaly understand.

surf duo ponta preta


Ponta Preta, which means “Black Point”, is one of the most beautiful waves in the world. The best swell is coming from the north west and breaks on a little area made of rocks and besieged by beautiful beaches.

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The video

I am very proud to present you this high class windsurfing action surrounded by Mozart. It is for sure one of my favourite videos.

This short video is the final between Cape Verdean – American Josh Angulo, one of the best windsurfing riders on Planet Earth, especially on “his” wave he has known for more than a decennary, and Brazilian world champion Kauli Seadi.

You will defenitly observe the difference between their riding style.

During the shooting

It was a great experience to shoot the first Final of PWA 2007 Windsurfing Cabo Verde World Cup event between riders Kauli Seadi from Brazil & Josh Angulo from Cape Verde (born in Hawaï, U.S. citizen). Actually, I had the opportunity to be part of this unique international event since I was living in Santa Maria, Island of Sal during the winter season of 2007.

I spent a lot of time on the rocks of Ponta Preta, in the south of the Island of Sal, Cabo Verde. It is always magic to come and sit in front of this wave which offers a majestic show. I think the best moment of the day is the sunset because the sun slowly disapears on the horizon behind this huge wave, and offers many pure and amazing colors.

I have been filming for many hours, especially windsurfing, also surfing and bodyboarding, and kitesurfing when Mitu Monteiro was starting strapless in 2007. It was a brilliant experience to improve how to shoot those guys, feeling how their positioning is going on during long seconds or minutes. Indeed, each rider has its own style and own reading of the wave. I learnt a lot about how to surf such a big, long, swift and massive wave.

I defenitly respect more and more elements after such a priceless experience, nevertheless I was only watching Ponta Preta wave or shooting it with my camera. Never riding this giant wave! In life sometimes you need to be patient.


Finaly, I decided during the editing of this short to cover the frames with classical music and especially Mozart (Symphony No. 40 in G) whom I highly appreciate.

I do not regret the choice of the sound selected for this video of Windsurfing Cabo Verde and I will forever keep beautiful images in my mind of this spot situated somewhere on the Earth.

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