Santa Maria do Sal

Santa Maria do Sal Cabo Verde

Early 2006… which means cold winter in France, the best time to travel far away in a warm and windy place.

A friend (who owns an interesting blog SEO & Marketing & Online Travel) had told me about Sal Island and its virtues for relaxing, hanging around, sailing and meeting a very nice population. I decided to take a return airplane ticket from Paris with a friend. I never regretted it and I will always remember such a fantastic time spent in a very small village called Santa Maria situated in Island of Sal in Cape Verde.

We landed in a lovely boarding house called “Nha Terra” (which actually means “my land” in Portuguese and spent a lot of time on the beach at Club Mistral in the bay of Santa Maria, and obviously on the majestic ocean.

The first music in this video is a local Cape Verdean artist I heard during the breakfast in the pension Nha Terra. I asked the staff who was singing, they whispered the name of Jorge Neto, excellent for taking along my film. Watch it out !