Titik Lopes featuring Windsurfing Vs. Kitesurfing

Titik Lopes Windsurfing Vs. Kitesurfing lesson

This video had a big viral impact on Youtube in so far as the title of the vid is like a legal case. I had a lot of compliment concerning the images and I could read in the numerous comments all the arguments for and against each sport.

This was my first viral video with social media, in early 2008.

Note : Very funny to remember that time when we used a lot the split screen. I have always thought that using it had to be justified to use the split screen.

Within this video of Titik Lopes which teaches us what windsurfing and kitesurfing styles are, I do think the split screen shows how talented is Titik in both sports, wearing the famous orange Shark Zone (c) board short.

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