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Values of Somewhere On The Earth

Somewhere On The Earth is basically a blog of image with mainly photos and videos, which purpose is discovering people, culture, environment and sports.

In addition, a blog of social media deals with social networks issues for brands.

Fabrice Delobette, the author, is passionate by culture, arts, trips, people, social media and extreme sports. He decided in spring 2006 to create a label in order to produce audiovisual projects which aim is to sensitize people of planet Earth and make them dream, throughout image and sound mixed with world music.

Somewhere On The Earth is a way of discovering what is going on around us, beyond our frontiers, inside and outside our screens.


Here are our six main objectives


Make discover the most magic and unknown places of the planet


Make dream with images of people, landscapes and extreme sports


Understand mentalities and the environment in which people evolve

Daily life

Show inhabitants daily life in an objective and direct way


Let population express themselves in order to listen to them for a better understanding


Explain geopolitics of natural resources and present elements in these regions


If you wish to know more of Somewhere On The Earth‘s mentality and mainstay in images, have a look at the video of the teaser “Sal, Nos Terra”.


somewhereontheearth logo Fabrice Delobette

SEO & Social Media specialist

Explorer, photographer and film director