Mitu Monteiro Strapless Kitesurf Cabo Verde

Mitu Monteiro Sal Cabo Verde Parais

Mitu Monteiro Strapless session at home

After seven years I shot “Sal, Nos Terra” with Djo Silva, Titik Lopes and Mitu Monteiro, it was a pleasure to shoot again Mitu Monteiro from F-One International kiteboarding team.

Mitu is definitely one of the most talented watermen on planet Earth, especially when he puts his feet “around” a surfboard, doing his passion : kitesurfing strapless.

Have a look at the video shot in Sal, Cabo Verde in 2013.

Music is talented “C2C – Down The Road”. Please, watch Mitu’s video in HD :

Thanks again my dear Mitu for letting me put on a Gopro within your kite lines, which is not very comfortable for riding, but the result with the images is awesome.

This video is part of “Parais”, a web series I shot in Cabo Verde in 2013 with Mitu and other talented surfers, such as Djo Silva, Titik Lopes, Airton Cozzolino Lopes, Papy Duarte and Matchu Almeida.

You liked it? Watch the deceptive ad for EXO harness I made with Mitu Monteiro on Ponta Preta wave, the same year.

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