Michel & Augustin’s social media analysis

Michel & Augustin, a surprising social media strategy for 2015?

Well, I can admit that the “trublions du goût” (advertising slogan which means “troublemakers of taste”) alias Michel & Augustin is a surprising example of a brand which has a good strategy on social media.

Let me tell you more about the French brand and its social media strategy.

Michel & Augustin social media strategy

Who knows the brand Michel & Augustin?

All “greedy people” potentially know the excellent products distributed in French train stations, Monoprix and now many other retailers, including Starbucks (in France, UK & US) more recently.

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Why is it a surprising example of social media strategy and what is the key of its success?

Humor. A quirky humor, with no limits and made by breaking traditional codes of social media. It reminds me the editorial line of Canal + when Alain De Greef was the managing director in charge of programs.

Example of a video “product” (Youtube):

Michel & Augustin social media strategy

Example of a video “corporate-HR”(Youtube):

Translation of the final message : “Does anyone knows someone whose sister-in-law has a brother-in-law and a cousin who are seeking a job?”


Roughly it is in the same vein of Canal +, without any defined guidance such as its Twitter account:

Michel & Augustin social media strategy

Such a social media actions contribute in building its global reputation, it also makes the brand memorable, thanks to humor.

As we know, laughter is social. Michel & Augustin knows it and uses it for two main objectives that are building its on-line reputation and promoting its (delicious) goods.

I often noticed that jokes and humor trigger positive responses. Michel & Augustin’s community is definitely engaged: 1061 likes, 68 comments and 31 shares for the following post on Facebook :


The brand uses on-line means such as off-beat tone videos and off-line means such as street marketing actions initiated by employees themselves or ambassadors in order to meet physically its target (community, retailers & consumers).

Michel & Augustin social media strategy

Why is it a good social media strategy?

I do think Michel & Augustin is extremely close to its audience, which is properly relevant. A direct exchange and a dialogue are set up. Furthermore, the community is begged to join its social media action in demanding to “work” for it, being active and therefore being part of the “family brand”.

Indeed, it is not basic UGC but it goes much further because the community is asked to give ideas to the social media team for their editorial line. This is quite clever because challenging its community leads the trademark keeping the contact and moreover a strong tie between them.


Michel & Augustin social media strategy

Moreover, I was quite surprised when Michel & Augustin decided to communicate on a corporate matter of its business development, quoting the name of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz with a home-made hashtag #AllezHowardunCafe.

The approach is literally direct. The brand dared to do it.

Then meeting Howard Schultz came true. The image of the brand is obviously strengthened with such a goal reached. This is a compelling example of a start-up in showing its ambition, boldness, dynamism (#PowerFrance is another home-made hashtag) and power of conviction.


Michel & Augustin social media strategy

Michel & Augustin would even invite its consumers and its community in its office.

It also communicates on its office’s name « Banana plantation »: much more human, isn’t it?


Finally, the brand presents its team with its real names, including both co-founders Michel and Augustin who fully play the game of outright silliness. It is a relevant way of humanising the caring relationship between the brand and its community.


somewhereontheearth logo Fabrice Delobette, social media manager @ FabdeloB