Portraits of people

A snap view of people

I have always been looking for emotions within portraits I made of people, which is a pretty hard job to fulfill I admit.

This post made of pics of human being worldwide is dedicated to increase gradually.

I will definitely let you know, keep connected – do I really have to mention it? – and please enjoy.


alex guigaz

matchu main

fillette espargos

alfa &ousmani


Photo 098

fab 050

fa 1157

fab 069


fa 945

André 2

fa 539

André 3


fa 501

fa 500

fa 499


fa 402

fa 350

fa 403

fa 338

fa 269

fa 283

fa 255

fa 252

fa 242



fa 027

fa 144

fa 140

fa 160

fa 188

fa 177

I would like to thanks everyone on these pics who played the game.

May it continue to do so.


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