Airbnb Social Media Strategy for 2016

Airbnb, a new social media strategy for 2016?

Actually the above slides are a draft of how to define a new social media strategy for Airbnb France, and somehow wordwide.

Airbnb is a brand I love for many reasons : the concept of being at home elsewhere, meeting new people, lower prices for travelers, adding revenues for hosts, collaborative economy, new market disruption and its economic impact in cities.

I also like the messages of the Airbnb brand, design, pics and videos gathered in the website and all social network. Literally it is not common a brand has real messages defined. Airbnb definitly has them, you can try to find them easily on their digital presence.

SomewhereOnTheEarth and I share the same values, such as sharing cultures, meeting people everywhere, and no social barrier. It is a new way of traveling the world and discover places and communities of the Earth.

De facto, I was very inspired in thinking about a proposal of Airbnb’s digital strategy regarding social media, because it appears there is a lack in it.

somewhereontheearth logo Fabrice Delobette, Social Media Manager @ FabdeloB Web Agency





Thanks for your feed back @afrenove !

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